Trak Search

Trak Search is a specialist executive recruitment firm which partners with organisations and people in the values-based not-for-profit sector, including in Education, Community / Welfare and Social Services as well as with Religious Institutes / Congregations.
Founded as Trak Executive in 1995 by John Chesher, Trak Search has evolved to become a part of the Trak group, to provide executive recruitment services in capital cities and regional centres across Australia.

National Manager: Good Grief

Date : 15.01.2017

 Education based Program Provision Based in North Sydney This is a role with significant diversity and described by the current manager as a position “where I found significant opportunities and experiences hidden in the role”.  Educational leaders with a broader…

Have you considered a job stint in the bush?

Date : 06.04.2016

Have you ever considered a stint in the bush? Regional and rural areas are regularly seeking people for positions, sometimes for a shorter-term stint. You’ve probably seen such roles but likely have just let the opportunity slip by. But consider…

Referee selection and preparation for impact

Date : 30.03.2016

I’ve been a recruiter for 20+ years but I’m often still surprised by the lack of thought that people put into their referee selection and preparation……all recruiters are faced time and again with situations where people provide inappropriate referees. Here…

Have you started to miss out on job opportunities?

Date : 23.03.2016

How often have you seen a so-called ‘high achiever’ face a career barrier when, time and time again, they are not successful in a job application? Yet as they search for answers (and reformat their resume for the 10th time),…